We are a global movement of generational influencers converging to transform, mentor, and disciple through Christ centered leadership. We are committed to harnessing the power of the emerging generation by modeling and establishing healthy relationships.

We are gospel centered, missionally focused, and relationally oriented.


Did you know that 72 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers? Additionally, there is a deficiency of Christ-centered mentorship and leadership in the black community. Fatherlessness creates numerous social ills leading to teenage pregnancy, high school drop outs, a loss of concentration/attention deficit, depression, poor relational skillsets, controlling behaviors, loss of affection, lack of discipline, quick tempers and poor health.

Our movement is multi-faceted. We promote healthy relationships through strong spiritual formation, relational leadership development, cross cultural and cross generational engagement. In other words, we are committed to solving the problem at the root rather than managing symptoms.

We then Empower the Black Community to Share the Gospel, Skillsets & Resources to the Marginalized in their communities and globally.

When reading states, it is important to note that blacks make up only 13% of the population- 47.7% black men and 52.3% black women.  White Americans make up 76.9% of the US population, white women- 69.5% and white men- 31%.

Statistic Sources: CDC.gov, Guttmacher.org, BlackDemographics.com, Pew Research, StateofObesity.org, Census.gov

We are Blessed to BE A Blessing!